Application for active participation

Please see the following information to apply for active participation in the Soundstack - Audiovisual Point-clouds workshop on the 26th of March, 10:00 - 15:00h (GMT).

For being part in the workshop you need basic experience in Unity. For that we need:

  1. A short written statement about you and your experiences with Unity (max 1000 characters)
  2. Video recording or photos (combined into one .pdf file max 10MB) of your best Unity project
  3. Optional: website link
  4. Your email address
Please send all information as a wetransfer link until 21st March 2021 to: kh[at]

If your application is accepted you will receive a link with further instructions for the workshop, including links to the software and the Unity version number. If you already have Unity installed, it’s a good idea to install Unity hubs to be able to run multiple versions of Unity on the same computer.